E.P.FIRE – Fire protection engineering

E.P.FIRE is an engineering consulting office for fire protection and extinguishing system planning. Our focus is on advising on the transition from AFFF to fluorine-free foams.

We are consulting engineers according to the Chamber of Civil Engineers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. That’s why we are legally obliged to be independent of all manufacturers and installers and are only responsible to our customers.

Eike Peltzer

Eike Peltzer

Consulting Engineer, Managing Director

Eike Peltzer is a consulting engineer, founder and managing director of E.P.FIRE. Since 2021, he has been advising fire departments and operators of extinguishing systems full-time on the transition from AFFF to fluorine-free foam concentrates. Previously, he worked as a manager of an industrial fire department in the chemical industry for over 13 years. He has organized, carried out and accompanied numerous tests on the performance of fluorine-free foam concentrates.
Since 2016, Eike has chaired working group on firefighting foam of the German Industrial Firefighters Association. He is a member of the DFV Technical Committee for Operations, Extinguishing Agents and Environmental Protection, the Fire Extinguishing Agents Standards Committee, and advises the European Chemicals Agency and the committees of the Stockholm Convention on the effects of PFAS regulation on foam agents and their users.
Eike has a Bachelor (B.Eng.) in Rescue Engineering from TH Cologne and a Master (M.Sc.) in Disaster Management from Coventry University (UK). He has also completed the national training program for the fire service (senior management level).

Friedrich Buschmann

Friedrich Buschmann

Consulting Engineer

Friedrich Buschmann has been working at E.P.FIRE since 2023. Here he advises fire departments and operators of extinguishing systems on the transition from AFFF to fluorine-free foam agents. He studied fire protection engineering at the TH Cologne for a bachelor's and master's degree and already dealt with the performance of fluorine-free foam agents during his studies and in his theses.

Friedrich has several years of professional experience at a company fire department and as a risk engineer at a technical insurance broker.

Norman Renner

Project Engineer

Norman Renner has been working at E.P.FIRE as a project engineer since 2023. He was previously employed as technical manager for water extinguishing systems at Rosenbauer and before that as a project manager at Minimax. His activities included, among other things, the project planning of new systems including planning, design and calculation in accordance with relevant regulations. As technical manager, he was the contact person for project managers and assembly personnel for technical questions in the course of order processing.

Norman Renner studied mechanical engineering for his bachelor's degree and already worked on sprinklers during his thesis. He has also completed the development program for project managers at Minimax and, after successfully completing the test, is a recognized specialist for sprinkler systems by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

Joachim Ligocki

Project Engineer

Joachim Ligocki is a qualified electrical engineer and trained electrician. He completed training for the professional fire service and was fire chief of the industrial fire department at the Shell Rheinland refinery in Köln-Godorf for many years. In this role, he planned numerous extinguishing systems and accompanied their construction.

Joachim Ligocki is a recognized expert in tank fire fighting and was a long-time member of the standards committee for DIN 14493 “Stationary foam extinguishing systems”. Joachim Ligocki has been working for E.P.FIRE since 2023 and primarily supports the planning of foam extinguishing systems, operational planning and carrying out fire tests.

Claudia Bücheler

Team Assistance

Claudia Bücheler has a degree in business administration and has been supporting E.P.FIRE with project management, administration, accounting and general business processes since 2023.

She previously worked in project management for several international corporations.

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